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Venus’s Atmosphere

In my opinion, one of the most interesting things in the readings was the section about Venus and its atmosphere in Chapter 10. What I found so interesting about it was the fact that Venus and Earth are so alike in terms of size and mass, but the difference that distance from the Sun made […] Continue reading

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Mysterious Plumes in Martian Atmosphere

In 2012, two strange cloud-like plumes were observed over Mars, and astronomers are still trying to solve the mystery of what caused this in Mars’ atmosphere. The two plumes were observed a month apart, one lasting ten days and the other lasting eleven days. The clouds were seen at a high altitude of 200-250 km […] Continue reading

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Reversing Mars

We’ve all at one time or another thought about how fantastic it would be to inhabit another planet and to …

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Telescopes and Turbulence

    There are many problems that earth-based telescopes must cope with. Besides light pollution, the largest one is dealing …

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The Magic of Scattering

Ever wondered why the sky looks blue? Or red during sunsets? No, it has nothing to do with light reflecting from the oceans (think about it, why would the sky look blue over inland areas then?). The real reason is the phenomenon called scattering. Scattering occurs when light rays are deflected from their original path […] Continue reading

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