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What is celestial navigation?

Those who use the placement of stars in the night sky in order to determine where to go to are using a practice called celestial navigation. Ancient peoples noticed the patterns associated with stars in the night sky and were able to study and record them in order to teach the following generations how toContinue reading “What is celestial navigation?” Continue reading

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Thinking and Observing

I think it’s fun to simply look up at the stars sometimes and think about what might be out there. There’s so much we don’t yet know, so much to be discovered. We thought we had conquered the final frontier when Amundsen had finally reached the South Pole at the beginning of the 20th century, … Continue reading Thinking and Observing Continue reading

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The Magic of Scattering

Ever wondered why the sky looks blue? Or red during sunsets? No, it has nothing to do with light reflecting from the oceans (think about it, why would the sky look blue over inland areas then?). The real reason is the phenomenon called scattering. Scattering occurs when light rays are deflected from their original path […] Continue reading

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