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Amazing Auroras

Auroras happen when charged particles within solar winds go through Earth’s magnetic field. Solar winds are fast moving, plasma particles discharged by sunspot regions, areas where the Sun’s magnetic fields become tangled and burst. These particles bump into different atomic elements, such as nitrogen and oxygen, to create ions in excited states that release lightContinue reading “Amazing Auroras” Continue reading

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Blog #6 (auroras)

One of the most interesting aspects of astronomy for me is the existence of auroras. As a bit of background, there exist┬ácharged particle belts in the magnetosphere that contain high-energy particles. When solar wind gives these particles energy, they leave the magnetosphere and cause radiation in the atmosphere that produces the visual effect of the […] Continue reading

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The Aurora Phenomenom

Auroras are caused when particles from the sun become trapped in a planet’s magnetosphere. These particles gain energy and travel down the magnetic field and collide with atmospheric atoms and molecules. This collision is what produces the light that we see in an aurora. We have all probably seen pictures of auroras on Earth. Do […] Continue reading

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