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Trous Noirs And trous noirs

For an explanation of the title, see the link at the end. If you are seriously, irreconcilably frustrated by your significant other (or lack thereof) and you never want to see your significant other (or yourself) ever again, please accept a sincere piece of advice from me: Do not- I repeat: DO NOT throw them(or yourself) in […] Continue reading

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Relativistic Doodles

This post explains how my illustration of general relativistic time dilation works. This is the parent post. Here is an image of a simple classical timeline: There are 2 observers: green and red. They have their own watches. The red observer shoots an arrow towards the green observer. The position of the arrow vs. the […] Continue reading

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If light travelled really slow…

The speed of light is one of the fundamental constants in the universe (along with the Gravitational constant, permitivitty etc.). Changing any constant even slightly will have deadly consequences. But if we manage to survive (somehow), we would find ourselves in a very ‘interesting’ universe. The constant for the speed of electromagnetic waves ‘c’ has […] Continue reading

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