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Blog 8 – Culmination

Throughout this class, I have learned so much about astronomy and the universe that we are just a minuscule part of. Everything from how we detect far-away planets through spectroscopy to estimating how big of a crater a meteorite may make has led me to become more curious about Astronomy. My favorite part of it […] Continue reading

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blog post 08

This class opened my eyes to some really cool astronomy subjects. Astronomy is a subject that I never really got the chance to study in grade school. Since coming to college, and learning more about our universe, my perspective on life has changed. Learning about how vast our universe is, how our solar system formed, […] Continue reading

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Culmination Reflection Post

After taking Astronomy 2110, not only has my perspective of our Solar System changed and widened, but also did my view on the universe as a whole. Perhaps one of the biggest eye-openers for me came near the beginning of the semester when we learned just how vast our Universe is as a whole. BeforeContinue reading “Culmination Reflection Post” Continue reading

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In Conclusion…

  As the semester comes to a close and my first semester taking an astronomy class ends on Monday, I can say that I was not expecting to learn half of the topics we read about. I’m just completed confounded by all the information that we learned about our Universe and our solar system. From […] Continue reading

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And It All Leads Up To The Now

This semester we have studied everything from the creation of the universe to black holes to microscopic bacteria living on the bottom of the ocean floor. The range of topics covered in this class has helped round my view of the beginnings of time up until now and clarified many common misconceptions ranging from tides […] Continue reading

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