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In Conclusion…

  As the semester comes to a close and my first semester taking an astronomy class ends on Monday, I can say that I was not expecting to learn half of the topics we read about. I’m just completed confounded by all the information that we learned about our Universe and our solar system. From […] Continue reading

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Bullet Dropped vs. Bullet Fired

In this blog, I explore the phenomenon of gravity and how it is constant throughout our world. In my senior year of high school, I took a physics class that taught me a resounding lesson about gravity, and how anything thrown or fired at a constant level will take the same amount of time to […] Continue reading

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Historical Astronomers in Context

For my chosen astronomer, I chose Isaac Newton. He was a physicist, astronomer, and mathematician and his contributions can be found everywhere. Among his findings in astronomy, he is best known for his theory of universal gravitation, which produced an equation that became one of the staples in future astronomical findings. During his lifetime (he lived […] Continue reading

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Our Vast Universe

When reading up the size of our earth, our solar system, and ultimately, our universe, my mind was completely blown. The following video shows just how small our earth really is, compared to other planets in our solar system, our sun, and other stars in the constellations that we can see at night. Just to […] Continue reading

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