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Drake Equation

After watching a ton of Sci-Fi movies and hearing just how big the universe is, you start to wonder if we are really the only things out here in space. The universe is so massive that there has to be something else out there. Right? We can’t say for sure because we haven’t searched all […] Continue reading

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Call Me Maybe?

Unfortunately, I come to the conclusion at the end of this class that it is extremely unlikely, and mathematically almost impossible, that we will receive any extraterrestrial contact within our lifetime. Reading about SETI makes me happy that humans have thought to reach out and prioritized it in a way (it is a very expensive […] Continue reading

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Blog 7:Fermi Paradox

The Fermi paradox is the conflict between the lack of evidence for extraterrestrials and the high estimates for their existence . The name came from the Italian-American Physicist Enrico Fermi. He was roughly quoted as saying “Where is everybody?” This paradox has been explained by saying that the number of intelligent civilizations is very low. […] Continue reading

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Not Too Hot, Not Too Cold

    Earth is the only planet in our universe that we currently know supports life. For a planet to harbor life as we know it, it must lie in a star’s habitable zone. Being positioned in the zone is not enough, however. Countless planets orbit their suns at the proper distance and do not…Read more Not Too Hot, Not Too Cold Continue reading

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Pluto hitting Neptune?

Some time between elementary school and high school, you probably heard that Pluto and Neptune’s orbits crossed and that one day “far into the future” (to not scare kids) they would hit each other. Well, in reality, that collision will never take place. The reason Pluto and Neptune will never collide is that their orbits […] Continue reading

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Theories, Theories Everywhere

What the solar system might actually look like with sun’s movement accounted for. The formation of our own and other planetary systems is, understandably, one of the most interesting topics in astronomy. But what interests me even more than our current formation theory is how subject it is to change. I do not doubt its […] Continue reading

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