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Contact: The Third Answer to Fermi’s Paradox

The Fermi paradox posits that there are only three possible answers to the question “Where is everybody?” in terms of the search for other intelligent life in the Universe. The three possibilities are as follows: We are alone Civilizations are common, but no one has colonized the galaxy There is a galactic civilization, but it […] Continue reading

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A very ‘pINTERESTING’ blog post

After reading about all the various forms of social media, apps, etc that involve astronomy, I wanted to write about another really awesome incorporation of astronomy into our online resources.. Pintrest! I use Pintrest to gather, sort and categorize a wide variety of ideas, including DIY crafts, style, recipes  home decor, fitness tips, etc. For anyone […] Continue reading

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#B1 Cosmic Calendar

This video put the extensive history of the universe into perspective. Our history as humans that we take years of education to understand are so minuscule compared to the creation of the universe. In our society, we are so focused … Continue reading Continue reading

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