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Blog 3- The Sun and its Core!

As I was growing up, I never truly understood what the sun exactly was. I had understood that it emitted light and eventually I learned that it was basically a big ball of really really REALLY hot gasses. However I never understood the intricacies behind the Sun’s structure. The most interesting part of the sun’s […] Continue reading

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The Iron Catastrophe

Many believe that under the Earth’s crust, deep within the center of our planet, lies a molten core of iron and nickel responsible for heating up the earth’s and being the source for the lava that flows form our volcanoes. This is an understandable misconception as the temperature of the core of the earth rivals […] Continue reading

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“You want me to hack the planet?”

There are a compendium of factors that allow for life to exist on Earth, one of the most important of which is our core. Earth’s core is made up of molten metal that swirls and churns, generating a powerful magnetic field that shields the planet from radiation and solar wind. Our core is vital to […] Continue reading

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