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What are cosmic rays?

WHAT ARE COSMIC RAYS? One of the more mysterious subjects from our last reading was that of cosmic rays.  To be quite honest, before encountering this in our textbook I had never considered cosmic rays outside of the context of the Marvel Universe.  But it turns out that cosmic rays are more than just a…

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The Cosmic Calendar and the Cosmic Perspective

Shrinking the history of the Universe down to fit into the time frame of one Earth year may not seem all too impressive at first. The realization however that, fit into a calendar year, each month is representative of about one billion years, while each day is 40 million years, presents one with the inescapable … Continue reading The Cosmic Calendar and the Cosmic Perspective Continue reading

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The Cosmic Calendar

The purpose of the cosmic calendar is to put into perspective the relative time frame in which everything has happened in the universe. The 13.7 billion years of the universe’s life is condensed down into one Earth calendar year, with the big bang happening on the midnight of January 1st. Even though the big bang […] Continue reading

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