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Blog 1: Our Expanding Universe

Our expanding universe is a captivating cosmic phenomenon that continues to unfold in the vastness of space. Galaxies throughout the cosmos are in a state of expansion, distancing themselves from one another as space itself expands between them. From our vantage point on Earth, nearly every galaxy beyond our Local Cluster is gradually moving away […] Continue reading

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The Λ-CDM Model

As this blog post presents me with much more freedom in topic, I’ve decided to discuss the most widely accepted theory for the origin and evolution of our universe: the Λ-CDM model. This model, named for the cosmological constant Λ which governs the accelerating expansion of space-time and for Cold Dark Matter, lays out a […] Continue reading

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Blog 4—Plato’s cosmology

In this blog, I would like to introduce the cosmology of the ancient Athenian philosopher Plato. His cosmology was the first systemic and complete cosmology in the history. He and his most famous student Aristotle both hold the geocentric view of the universe, and their perspectives of the universe were influential in the following thousandsContinue reading “Blog 4—Plato’s cosmology” Continue reading

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Pivoting from Principle

Astronomy is awesome.  It lets us make cool observations (e.g., things that inform our understanding of the foundations of the universe, like the Cosmic Microwave Background), helps us ask big questions (e.g., why does the universe exist?), and reminds us that not all questions have answers (e.g., we can’t really expect an answer to theContinue reading “Pivoting from Principle” Continue reading

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Europa: A Jovian Lunar Oasis?

Discovered in 1610 by the renowned astronomer, engineer, and philosopher Galileo Galilei, the Jovian orbiter Europa may again serve to revolutionize humanity’s cosmic perspective. Initially evidence that Earth was not the absolute center of motion in the Universe, Europa, among the discovery of the other Galilean moons, advanced the credibility of the heliocentric model through … Continue reading Europa: A Jovian Lunar Oasis? Continue reading

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Copernicus vs. Tycho Brahe

While both Copernicus and Tycho contributed to the evolution of astronomy and the Scientific Revolution in general, the nature of their accomplishments and challenges to the status quo were fundamentally different and defined their respective reception… Continue reading

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Plato’s Cosmology

While Plato’s cosmology may seem odd to a modern observer, it was a carefully reasoned, innovative theory in its time. Plato departed from his predecessor’s ideas beginning with his belief in a deity. While pre-Socratic philosophers attributed orde… Continue reading

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