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The Loneliness of Rovers

Throughout this semester in ASTR2110, I have been reminded about how small we are compared to the universe. While this can be both a deflating and motivating perspective on our approach to astronomical study, I think it is undeniable that the rovers on Mars are unimaginably lonely during their stints on the red planet. I […] Continue reading

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Blog 4: Experience Curiosity

NASA’s Experience Curiosity web application allows viewers to go inside the Curiosity Rover’s mission. Viewers can explore Mars by leading the rover around or learn more about the rover and the mission on guided tours. Experience Curiosity gives highlights of Curiosity’s exploration of the Pahrump Hills region on Mars. You can examine the Pink Cliffs … Continue reading Blog 4: Experience Curiosity Continue reading

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Mars: Trend in Water Presence

Last week, the Mars rover named Curiosity, found evidence for water-bearing minerals in rocks. The rover Curiosity was launched in 2011 from Cape Canaveral and landed on Mars in August, 2012. This rover is equipped with many devices that have multiple uses for observing and testing the terrain and environment on Mars. Among these is […] Continue reading

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Mars Suitable for Life

NASA scientists have just finished analyzing a sample of rock Curiosity drilled last month, and the results are certainly promising for the theory that Mars once was home to life. In the sample, they found elements like carbon, oxygen, nitrogen, and sulfur, all of which are essential for life as we know it. ┬áThis sample […] Continue reading

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