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Dark Matter and Dark Energy

One of the more peculiar parts of our universe is the presence of a great deal of mass that we cannot see. When looking at the gravitational effects on the mass in the universe, it is apparent that a significant amount of matter must be present but is not visible to us, leading to its … Continue reading Dark Matter and Dark Energy Continue reading

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A Greedy, Gluttonous Galaxy

It’s no secret that the universe is growing. However, research leads us to believe that our own Milky Way Galaxy is growing as well. In fact, our galaxy exhibits cannibalistic behavior, absorbing material from the dwarf galaxies surrounding it. We know that the chemical makeup in the central bulge of our galaxy differs from the … Continue reading “A Greedy, Gluttonous Galaxy” Continue reading

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Why We Think Dark Matter Exists

Solely based on our experiences, we might be inclined to say that most of the universe is composed of “normal matter,” electrons, quarks and other subatomic particles.   However,  we have reason to believe that there are other kinds of matter in the universe, dark matter and dark energy.  In fact, according to this pie […] Continue reading

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Dark Matter vs Dark Energy

In my previous post, I wrote about dark matter and how we can infer its existence through gravitational lensing.  Here, I will more fully explore what dark matter is and what dark energy is. Dark matter, as the name implies, is matter that is dark and cannot be seen.  “Seen” here does not mean visible […] Continue reading

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