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1 Shift, 2 Shift, Redshift, Blueshift

Space is vast. In fact, vast enough to contains many million, billions, and trillions of galaxies and other celestial objects. So the ultimate question is, how do scientists keep track of all of the celestial bodies? How do we know that the Andromeda galaxy is coming toward us if we can’t tell if it is… Continue Reading → Continue reading

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Gravitational Redshift

Most of us know about redshifting, a phenomenon of the Doppler effect. This is the change in frequency of a wave, both mechanical and electromagnetic, for an observer when there is relative motion between the source and the observer. For example, when an observer is moving closer to a wave source, each successive wave front […] Continue reading

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The Doppler Effect

Have you ever heard an ambulance fly by you and noticed that the pitch changes as it approaches you, and …

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My Favorite Parts of the Semester

I learned a lot about the universe in this class, but what really stuck out at me throughout the semester was how principles that I had previously learned in physics are used to discover new planets or what they’re made of. For example, I learned about the Doppler Effect in my 7th grade science class […] Continue reading

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