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Supermassive Blackholes and the Milky Way

In 1993, radio engineer Karl Janksy was recording 20.5 MHz radio waves when he noticed something strange. He could clearly classify majority of the waves received into either distant or nearby thunderstorms. However, there was a third type of static that he could not explain. Janksy put on his detective hat and, after many monthsContinue reading “Supermassive Blackholes and the Milky Way” Continue reading

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With a recent picture of a blackhole becoming the newest internet sensation I thought it might be neat to talk about my favorite word, spaghettification. In class we’ve talked about tidal forces, that is the force differential between the close part and the far part to a gravitational source. On the small scale, such as … Continue reading Speghettification Continue reading

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First Image of a Black Hole

Roughly 50 million light-years away, in the center of the Messier 87 galaxy, resides a supermassive black hole that has about the cumulative mass of 6.5 billion suns. While this black hole is undoubtedly a monster, the true astonishment should come from the fact that image is the first time that scientists were able to … Continue reading First Image of a Black Hole Continue reading

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What’s in a Black Hole?

There are few things in the entire Universe that are as terrifyingly awesome as a black hole. To have a region of space exist that contains gravitational forces so strong that literally nothing can escape it (whether it’s a particle, light, or any electromagnetic radiation for that matter) seems like a concept straight out of … Continue reading What’s in a Black Hole? Continue reading

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Songs of Space

Recently I’ve been collecting space-themed songs (for a McTyeire Hall event called the Galaxy Gala!), and then I thought of something I’ve heard of before: sounds coming from space! Because space is a vacuum, sound waves cannot travel through it. However, many objects within the Solar System do emit radio waves, and NASA scientists have […] Continue reading

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The Fermi Bubbles

The Milky Way is a flat disk, and if you put into human perspective it’s about the same proportion of a stack of 4 DVD’s. Putting it… Read more “The Fermi Bubbles” Continue reading

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Black Hole’s Opposite Twin?

Black holes are so last year. Wanna hear something more interesting? WHITE HOLES! Black holes, as we know, do not let anything escape from their surface, engulfing anything and everything that dare come near them, deeming themselves powerful. Even light stand no chance against them, as the space time is so curved, they cannot elude.  … Continue reading Black Hole’s Opposite Twin? Continue reading

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Gravity vs. Light

The light from a distant galaxy gets warped and distorted thanks to the immense gravity of the closer reddish-orange galaxy We usually think light is pretty fast. Usain Bolt can set new records for how quickly man can run. There are motorcycles that can travel faster than our own nerve impulses. Aircraft has long since broken the sound barrier. […] Continue reading

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Black Hole Eats Star for Ten Years!

A supermassive black hole at the center of a galaxy about 1.8 billion lightyears from Earth has been slowly “eating” a star for about a decade now. This baffled researchers because no star death by black hole has been this long. What this means is either the star was incredibly, incredibly massive, or the black… Continue reading Black Hole Eats Star for Ten Years! Continue reading

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Behemoth black hole found in an unlikely place

Watch out, Earth! Scientists have discovered a massive black hole in our universe, one that weighs the equivalent of 17 billions suns! While the size of this black hole is very significant, something that makes it even more unique is it’s location in our universe. According to astronomers, black holes this size are almost always […] Continue reading

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