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Supermassive Blackholes and the Milky Way

In 1993, radio engineer Karl Janksy was recording 20.5 MHz radio waves when he noticed something strange. He could clearly classify majority of the waves received into either distant or nearby thunderstorms. However, there was a third type of static that he could not explain. Janksy put on his detective hat and, after many monthsContinue reading “Supermassive Blackholes and the Milky Way” Continue reading

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The Fermi Paradox

Ever since humans have first become interested in space, the inevitable question of “does life exist outside of Earth” has loomed over us. However, as technology has progressed and humanity has trekked deep into space, the question remains unanswered. This brings about a certain paradox regarding the existence of alien life. The universe is almostContinue reading “The Fermi Paradox” Continue reading

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The Great Red Spot

The Great Red Spot refers to a gigantic storm on the planet Jupiter. Imagine the largest hurricane you can think of, multiply that by 1000, then make the entire vortex the color of a penny. In fact, this hurricane is so big that, at one point, it was three times the diameter of Earth. FirstContinue reading “The Great Red Spot” Continue reading

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The Formation and Evolution of our Atmosphere

Us residents of the Earth take our atmosphere for granted. We constantly bombard it with harmful chemicals and pollute it with manmade substances that can permanently damage our “forcefield” around Earth. After all, it is responsible from keeping us safe against the harmful rays of the sun and provides us with the oxygen we needContinue reading “The Formation and Evolution of our Atmosphere” Continue reading

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The Hubble Space Telescope

The Hubble Space Telescope is one of humanity’s greatest achievements. Deployed in 1990, the telescope is responsible for many of the discoveries made about distant solar systems and galaxies. According to the Nasa website, the Hubble “has made more than 1.4 million observations.” Without this great invention, we would still in be in the darkContinue reading “The Hubble Space Telescope” Continue reading

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Historical Astronomers in Context

Johannes Kepler – born on December 27th, 1571 and died on November 15th, 1630. Jamestown – established in 1607. This was the first major English town/colony in the Americas, and it marked the beginning of the settlement of North America. Thirty Years War – began in 1618. This was a major conflict between Protestants andContinue reading “Historical Astronomers in Context” Continue reading

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Eclipses and History

A seemingly everlasting problem historians run in to are exact dates. Since each ancient civilization had their own calendar and their own way of measuring time, it’s a challenge for historians to connect the dots between civilizations and produce an accurate timeline of human history on the Earth. However, historians have discovered the common denominatorContinue reading “Eclipses and History” Continue reading

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Hey you guys, my name is Derrick Chen and I am a sophomore studying Computer Science and Economics. I’m from Brentwood Tennessee, which is just 15 minutes south of Nashville. In case you’re interested, here’s a link to the high school I attended: <a href=”Brentwood High / Homepage (“>Brentwood High School</a> Continue reading

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