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Mystery in the Kuiper Belt

Though it unfortunately doesn’t come with a fun apocalyptic theory like Planet X of the 1980s, several groups of scientists are beginning to believe that there might be a ninth planet in the solar system. The pair of astronomers who proposed the existence of this mysterious planet were met with a great deal of skepticism … Continue reading Mystery in the Kuiper Belt Continue reading

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Black Hole’s Opposite Twin?

Black holes are so last year. Wanna hear something more interesting? WHITE HOLES! Black holes, as we know, do not let anything escape from their surface, engulfing anything and everything that dare come near them, deeming themselves powerful. Even light stand no chance against them, as the space time is so curved, they cannot elude.  … Continue reading Black Hole’s Opposite Twin? Continue reading

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Shadow Bands!

If you’re like me, you have probably never heard of Shadow Bands. Shadow bands are a phenomenon that accompany total solar eclipses and occur just before and after totality, appearing as lines of alternating lines of dark and light moving … Continue reading Continue reading

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