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The Drake Equation

The idea of life on other planets has always been a hot topic. An entire genre has been developed to showcase aliens stemming from human imagination. This is usually pseudoscience, but it does beg the question: are aliens real? While we have never contacted or found evidence of other civilizations, there is a way to […] Continue reading

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Are We Alone?

  I’ll actually take the liberty of answering that. Of course not! How, in our exponentially infinite and ever expanding universe, could it have been us that just happened to luck out on the single life supporting planet? There is certainly other life out there, it’s just a matter of where and what type. Operating […] Continue reading

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The Meaning of the Drake Equation

The Drake equation was originally created by (and is named after) astronomer Frank Drake. Given the values of a number of variables, his equation may be used to estimate the number of species in the galaxy capable of interstellar communication. Drake’s proposed equation is as follows: N = R * fp * ne * fl […] Continue reading

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