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What do astronauts eat?

You may have seen advertisements for “astronaut ice cream” in novelty food stores. This freeze-dried version of ice cream is just one example of what astronauts can eat during space missions in weightless environments. It probably comes as no surprise that astronauts have to consume a balanced diet with proper nutrition. Categories of space food, … Continue reading What do astronauts eat? Continue reading

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There Aren’t any 5 star Restaurants in Space…

Can you imagine eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner by squeezing it out of a tube? If your childhood dream of becoming an astronaut had ever come true, that’s exactly what you’d be doing rather than enjoying your Randwich. Menu options for astronauts visiting Mercury, according to NASA, include freeze-dried powder, cube sized food, and tube stuffed … Continue reading » Continue reading

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Space Food

Eating in a zero gravity environment can be quite tricky. Before astronauts had refrigerators and freezers in space, the preservation of food limited the size of the menu. Only nonperishables […] Continue reading

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