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Global Warming – Who’s to Blame?

Nowadays, the issue of global warming has been growing in controversy and concern. The effects of it are already very noticeable – rising sea levels, the melting of polar ice, endangered species, and so much more. Many people believe that the greenhouse gases are mostly to blame, but that is not exactly the case. Greenhouse… Continue reading Global Warming – Who’s to Blame? Continue reading

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Greenhouse Gases

As noted in the textbook, the Earth is hotter than it would be without it’s atmosphere.  According to the EES 201 notes, just based on incoming solar radiation and 30% reflected back to space, the Earth is 255 K.   … Continue reading Continue reading

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Save Mr. Snow Miser!

The US National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC) based in Boulder, Colorado, has been taking images of our planet for 34 years, documenting climate changes and ice levels across the planet. Data from the past five years show ice levels to be lower than any previously document years. Changes in climate and ice levels […] Continue reading

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