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hawking radiation

on my flight back from amsterdam at the end of spring break, i finally had the opportunity and wherewithal to watch the theory of everything, the stephen hawking biopic from a couple of years ago. it got me thinking about a lot of things from my physics education in high school and more recently my pursuit … Continue reading hawking radiation Continue reading

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Stephen Hawking and the Universe

Stephen Hawking has fascinated me since I was a young child. Besides just his scientific discoveries and knowledge, the fact that he has been able to succeed so amazingly with such a potentially hindering disability is extremely remarkable. One of Hawking’s talks that I found extremely interesting was his “Questioning the Universe” TED Talk. In […] Continue reading

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The Beauty of Science and the Firewall Paradox

  Image from this site. For more information on the conventional view of black holes, read the hyperlinked article. “Einstein was wrong.” Of course he wasn’t wrong about everything, and to many it may seem like he was only wrong over a minor point. And to most, like myself, it may seem obvious to conclude that … Continue reading The Beauty of Science and the Firewall Paradox Continue reading

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