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Blog 7: Culmination of a Semester in Astronomy

Because of this class my view of the solar system has changed. From a young age I knew the order of the planets and even some basic facts about each of them. What I did not know, however, was how much more there was to know not only about our solar system, but about the … Continue reading Blog 7: Culmination of a Semester in Astronomy Continue reading

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Jupiter’s Eclectic Moons

As we’ve seen in our study of the Jovian planets, the actual planets themselves aren’t the only important space-related object that provides useful and insightful information. Every Jovian planet has some sort of celestial object orbiting or surrounding it, especially the moons surrounding Jupiter. Discovered by Galileo Galilei way back in 1610 (on January 10th), … Continue reading Jupiter’s Eclectic Moons Continue reading

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A Different Kind Of Tide

  Ok, this image may be a little deceiving. If you haven’t guessed already, I’m going to write a little about tidal heating. Tidal heating has nothing to do with making the tides on Earth catch on fire, I just thought that was a beautiful image and it made for a good pun. Tidal heating is … Continue reading A Different Kind Of Tide Continue reading

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Io is one of the closest and most prominent of Jupiter’s moons. Surprisingly, Io has the most volcanic activity of any of the worlds in our solar system. Usually, people think of moons as large barren rocks (similar to our own) however, Io breaks that mold. Because Io has such a large amount of volcanoes, … Continue reading Io Continue reading

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Io: Jupiter’s Volcanic Moon

If you showed me a picture of Io, my first thought would not be that it is a moon. To me, it looks like a block of cheese, a little rotted in certain places. That is because it looks so different from our idea of a moon, or that is Earth’s moon. Earth’s moon is … Continue reading Io: Jupiter’s Volcanic Moon Continue reading

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Volcanism on Io

From the four Galilean moons of Jupiter, Io stands out as having a great amount of volcanic activity.  Before it was observed via spacecraft, scientists believed all moons were cold and barren like Earth’s moon.  However, on March 8, 1979, Voyager 1 captured a mysterious plume rising from Io.  Scientists identified this as a volcanic eruption, which made Io … Continue reading Volcanism on Io Continue reading

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Jupiter’s Galilean Moons

Discovered by Galileo in 1610, Jupiter’s four largest moons are some of the most interesting worlds in our Solar System. “Volcanic Io”: Jupiter’s inner-most moon, Io, is the fourth largest moon in the solar system. It is also the most volcanically-active object in the Solar System, with over 400 active volcanoes. Large mountains cover its […] Continue reading

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Volcanic Io

Volcanoes are one of the coolest geographical features of Earth (in my opinion), but volcanoes outside of our world are even cooler. Jupiter’s moon Io is the most volcanically active world in our solar system – in other words, it is FULL of volcanic awesome-ness. Io’s volcanic activity produces HUGE volcanic plumes. To give some […] Continue reading

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Io is Jupiter’s third largest moon. What is notable about Io is that it is the most geologically active body in the entire Solar System. It is extremely volcanic, and is the only body other than Earth that we  have observed with active volcanism. The volcanic activity occurs because Io is greatly affected by tides […] Continue reading

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Tidal Forces

As a person that has always been happiest by the ocean, I really enjoyed learning about tides and decided to do some further research into other effects and instances of tidal forces in our solar system. Just as the Moon causes tides on the Earth, Earth creates tidal forces acting on the Moon. This is […] Continue reading

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