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Earth’s Atmosphere and Life

Earth’s atmosphere is conducive to life in a way other terrestrial worlds’ atmospheres are not.  This is because of the greenhouse effect, which keeps Earth warm and allows water to exist in its liquid form. Other planets such as Mercury which do not have an atmosphere or the greenhouse effect are extremely hot during the […] Continue reading

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Northern Lights

The Northern lights are one of the most sought after views that light up the night sky. There is a burst of colors of greens, blues and purples that dance across the sky. But what exactly causes this astonishing sight? Many ancient civilizations have been observing this celestial phenomenon long before us, and have come […] Continue reading

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Light: Wavelength, Frequency, and Energy

A prism splits white light into a spectrum of colors ranging from red to violet. These colors correspond to different wavelengths, frequencies, and energy levels. Light with a longer wavelength has a lower frequency and lower energy level, and light with a shorter wavelength has a higher frequency and higher energy level. Violet light has […] Continue reading

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