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Culmination Post

Milky Way Galaxy over Chile In the culminating post for this class, I just wanted to write about how my understanding of astronomy has changed. I have obviously gained a greater appreciation for our Solar System as a whole, and learning a little about the magnitudes and sizes of objects in space puts some thingsContinue reading “Culmination Post” Continue reading

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Galaxies are cosmic Islands of stars, gas, dust and dark matter. They span across very long distances and they are held together by gravity. There are multiple types of Galaxies as shown in the the photo above. The word galaxy is derived from the greek word “galaxias”. It means milky, which is a direct referenceContinue reading “Galaxies” Continue reading

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How special is the Milky Way?

The Milky Way is the first galaxy that we call home since the beginning of the human race and it is very likely also the last. We know earth has many rare qualities that made life possible, looking on a larger scale, is our galaxy also a unique snowflake like our planet? Using data collected from the Sloan … Continue reading How special is the Milky Way? Continue reading

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