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The Dwarf Planet Sedna

According to Inuit mythology, Sedna was the name of a mortal woman who became a goddess of the ocean and the underworld. One version of the myth holds that Sedna was a young woman who consented to marry a hunter, only to find, once she had left home with him, that he was in fact […] Continue reading

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Eclipses Throughout History

Eclipse science! You’re just mowing grass one day and the sun disappears. You look up and see an eclipse. Today, people would just brush it off for the most part. There would be some oohs and ahhs, but most people would just treat it like any other day and probably forget about the occurrence a […] Continue reading

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Vikings and Astronomy

This link┬ádetails how the ancient Vikings were themselves keen astronomers. As the article details, the Vikings utilized the ever-popular Polaris as a guiding light during sea travel. They would measure the angle relative to Polaris to determine cardinal directions for … Continue reading Continue reading

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The Pleiades Myth

In Greek Mythology the pleiades are seven daughters of the Titan Atlas and the nymph Pleione. They were said to be extremely beautiful and served as companions to the goddess Artemis. When their father was forced to carry the weight of the world for all eternity the great hunter Orion began to pursue them. Orion […] Continue reading

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Solar Eclipse Myths

via National Geographic As astounding and rare as they are, it’s no surprise that many cultures possess their own mythology regarding solar eclipses. Imagine an ancient civilization watching in awe as the warmth and light of the sun are blocked … Continue reading Continue reading

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