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What color is the Sun? (not yellow)

by me The Sun is the brightest and biggest celestial body in our solar system. Its diameter is 865,000 miles, which is about 110 Earths long. Without the Sun’s light, there would be no life on Earth. The Sun is so important to us humans, yet some people don’t take the time to appreciate its […] Continue reading

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Light – Beyond the Shadow

  Plato believed that our senses could not be trusted to reveal the truth of the Universe. He argued that the world around us was an imperfect representation of the ideal world, our perception put before us by our faculties – simply shadows cast from imperceptible forms. Cognizance of truth was achievable only by means … Continue reading Light – Beyond the Shadow Continue reading

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Hey there, I’m Dylan–I’m a junior at Vanderbilt majoring in philosophy and earth & environmental science. The outdoors are my big passion, and I’m really into rock climbing, paddling, and anything that will turn into an adventure. Here’s me at the beginning of the Abel Tasman Coastal Track in New Zealand, scoping the low tide … Continue reading Continue reading

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Forest Park

This is a photo of probably my favorite place in the world: Forest Park in St. Louis.  This particular photo is a part of the park called Kennedy Forest.  Kennedy Forest has tons of dirt running paths and it is really fun just to get lost in the beauty of the place. Continue reading

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