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Asteroids: Death, or Life?

Just hitching a ride Most people don’t think of asteroids as the bringer of life to Earth. Actually, for many, it’s the exact opposite. When someone says asteroids many people automatically think about mass extinctions, specifically the extinction of the dinosaurs (which was caused by a large asteroid). However, there is a theory called panspermia¬†which […] Continue reading

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Panspermia: An Alternative Hypothesis

Hey Readers! Today I’m going to briefly discuss the idea of panspermia. For much of human history, we have wondered¬†how such complex life on Earth came to be. Many suggest that life sprung up as the result of the natural aggregation of self replicating particles as in the primordial soup hypothesis. However another theory suggests […] Continue reading

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Origins Of Life

Two scientists, Alexei Sharov and Richard Gordon, have plotted the genome size of different kinds of organisms against their presumed date of origin. They only had five data points, but […] Continue reading

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We Are The Aliens

We have always questioned if Earth is the only planet capable of sustaining life in the universe and whether one day, we will get to meet real life extraterrestrials. Well, if new evidence is to be believed, all we might have to do to look at aliens is go look at a mirror. Researchers at […] Continue reading

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