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The Meaning of the Drake Equation

The Drake equation was originally created by (and is named after) astronomer Frank Drake. Given the values of a number of variables, his equation may be used to estimate the number of species in the galaxy capable of interstellar communication. Drake’s proposed equation is as follows: N = R * fp * ne * fl […] Continue reading

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Fermi Paradox

So let’s say there’s intelligent life in the galaxy outside of Earth. We don’t have the technology to visit them and our ability to search for them is limited. Centuries […] Continue reading

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Solving a ‘Universal’ Delimma

For those of you who are not familiar with the Fermi Paradox, it is “the apparent contradiction between the high probability extraterrestrial civilizations’ existence, and the lack of contact with such civilizations”.  There are many people out there convinced that life on other worlds doesn’t exist, but let me ask you this: what makes us […] Continue reading

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