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Planet Nine

  Planet Nine Orbit In January of 2016, some scientists suggested that our Solar System may yet again be comprised of nine planets, but how did they come to this conclusion? Well, scientists observed that way out in our outer solar system, some Kuiper Belt objects had unusual orbits that were similar to each other. … Continue reading Planet Nine Continue reading

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Planet 9

It was a sad day when the powers that be decided that Pluto was no longer fit to be called a planet. However, this January, in a shocking turn of events, scientists at Caltech may have discovered (or somewhat indirectly presume) the existence of a real ninth planet, an ice giant by the incredibly original […] Continue reading

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Planet Nine!

Caltech Researchers Find Evidence of a Real Ninth Planet This is legit folks!  For those who are at a university (like Vanderbilt), this press release has a link to the actual research article in the Astronomical Journal.  It’s a bit heavy at times but well done. There’s also a pretty good article on Wired: This […] Continue reading

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