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Dyson Spheres on the Horizon?

We may be getting one step closer to the fabled hallmark of an advanced civilization, the Dyson Sphere. Pioneered by Freeman Dyson in the 1960s, a Dyson Sphere takes the process of energy generation to a level literally out of this world. A Dyson Sphere is a massive assemblage of solar energy collectors placed in […] Continue reading

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HW #B3 – A Superpower Redefined

Be it an elementary school sleepover or a university orientation, there’s always a place and time for the infamous question: If you could have any superpower, what would it be? Some people say they’d love to fly or breathe underwater, but one of the most popular answers is X-ray vision. The entire process behind X-ray […] Continue reading

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Nuclear Fusion, Power of The Future?

It is commonly accepted that energy produced by the Sun is the result of nuclear fusion, a reaction in which two or more atomic nuclei collide at high speeds to produce a new type of atomic nucleus in addition to large amounts of energy. This process, theoretically, is an idea power source as it produces zero carbon […] Continue reading

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