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Black Holes Emitting Light?

Take a look at this picture of a black hole Photo by: Space.com This is actually called a quasar. A quasar is a supermassive black hole that is actively pulling in surrounding material due to its massive gravitational force. A black hole is an entity where the force of gravity is so intense that not […] Continue reading

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In the mid 1900’s, scientists were pointing radio telescopes toward the sun, the milky way, and other starts. In doing this they found small and extremely bright objects called Quasars. Over the next few decades, scientists had issues figuring out exactly what these objects were. It turns out that Quasars are caused by massive black […] Continue reading

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Just what exactly can we call “big”?

The Universe is almost like a magician in a way. Just when us puny humans seem to grasp an aspect of its nature (or pretend to anyway), it laughs at us and shows us a glimpse of something that leaves us in awe of its vastness. Take a look at this picture above you. Only […] Continue reading

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