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The Fabric of Time

  Einstein In later years of Einstein’s life he decided that the evolution of three-dimensional existence is flawed, and that …

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Holes and Wrinkles

There is a lot of misconception about two of the more arcane forms of proposed space travel: Warp Drives and Worm Holes. They work on the same principles but function in wholly different ways. General Relativity explains that any mass or energy can bend space and time. Since there is energy everywhere space and time […] Continue reading

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To Stretch or Not To Stretch

Physics has the distinction of hosting the one of the weirdest concept¬†hierarchies¬† Don’t get me wrong: physics is beautiful in its intricate connections. But sometimes, especially in the case of modern physics, one feels something like: So, most of us know about special relativity. A quick summary for the unfortunate: Special relativity establishes the speed […] Continue reading

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Scale, Relativity, and the Power of 10

For my first official blog post, I’d like to write about the Powers of Ten video, and the subsequent site I came across because of it. Although I have seen the Powers of Ten video in a class several years ago, watching it again filled me with the same sense of curiosity and amazement as […] Continue reading

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