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Wormhole Theory

Reading about the vast size of the universe, I started exploring the possibility of travelling through the it. One popular theory on the structure of space-time is a wormhole. It postulates a theoretical passage through space-time that could create a shortcut to a different spot in the universe. So far, we’ve thought about travelling inContinue reading “Wormhole Theory” Continue reading

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A wormhole is a theoretical tunnel connecting two points in space-time based on the theory of general relativity. Albert Einstein, Nathan Rosen and Ludwig Flamm are three physicists credited with hypothesizing this theory, but whether we will actually find one (let alone enter it) is largely up to debate. Warmholes are theorized to “pop-up” as tiny … Continue reading Wormholes Continue reading

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Beyond The Speed of Light?

How concrete are our laws of physics? Could there be a way to bend the laws and essentially travel beyond the speed of light? Could such an ability open the possibilities for interstellar space travel? These are some of the questions that surround the intriguing idea of wormholes. Two wormholes could in theory act as […] Continue reading

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Holes and Wrinkles

There is a lot of misconception about two of the more arcane forms of proposed space travel: Warp Drives and Worm Holes. They work on the same principles but function in wholly different ways. General Relativity explains that any mass or energy can bend space and time. Since there is energy everywhere space and time […] Continue reading

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