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Rosetta and Philae

In March of 2004, two friends went ont he adventure of a lifetime. These two friends were the Rosetta space … More Continue reading

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The Rosetta Mission

Over spring break, I came downstairs for dinner and my dad just so happened to be watching a PBS documentary on the ESA (European Space Agency)’s recent Rosetta mission. The documentary explains the behind the scenes work that went into developing the mission, giving insight into the building of the orbiter, the unique technological features,… Continue reading The Rosetta Mission Continue reading

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Rosetta’s Trajectory

This photo found on NASA’s Solar Exploration page diagrams the trajectory for the European Space Agency’s mission Rosetta’s exploration of the comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko. Launched in 2004, Rosetta has since flown-by Earth three times, Mars, and two asteroids, and is scheduled to arrive at the comet later this year.  It’s so how cool scientist are ale … Continue reading Rosetta’s Trajectory Continue reading

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