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Feeling Dizzy Yet? đŸ’«

This isn’t your everyday Milky Way time lapse video. This video, captured by Eric Brummel, is sky-stabilized with the Earth in view to show our planet’s daily rotations. It’s amazing, isn’t it? We don’t think about it often during our daily lives, but every single second, we’re moving vast distances across space. Your glass on … Continue reading Feeling Dizzy Yet? 💫 Continue reading

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What if Earth stopped spinning?

*Warning: rather long documentary!* I’ll sum up the documentary, but suggest you watch if you have time. In essence, a slowing Earth result in an orbit where the length of the day is equal to the entire year. Long exposure to the sun, and long exposure to space at night would result in extreme temperature […] Continue reading

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#B2 Earth’s Orbit and Understanding

One of the most interesting concepts of our Earth is its orbit around the sun. As the Earth rotates each day, the point as which it achieves a full 360 degree rotation is slightly different than the day before (either … Continue reading Continue reading

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