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Nuances of Thermal Energy

Today I learned about the nuances of thermal energy that answered a forgotten question from my childhood. When I was little I was always afraid to stick my hand inside a hot oven because I knew how badly my tongue gets burned whenever I drink something hot. However, when I finally did stick my hand […] Continue reading

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Altitude and Temperature

It is commonly believed that in locations of high altitudes, such as on the top of a mountain, the lower temperatures experienced are a caused by the lower atmospheric pressure that is present. However, this is not entirely the case. While the change in elevation is partially responsible for the decrease in temperature, the presence … Continue reading Altitude and Temperature Continue reading

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Absolute Hot

We all have heard about absolute zero – the coldest temperature possible. At this point, atoms cease to move completely. All heat is really is just the movement of atoms and the energy with which they’re moving. Hotter things tend to have more energy, and their atoms move more. Thermodynamically, it is impossible to reach … Continue reading Absolute Hot Continue reading

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Is Cold the New Hot?

Yes. A few days back, a friend shared an article with me. It talked of how scientists had managed to achieve temperatures below absolute zero. Does it mean that temperature has to be redefined? Has our understanding of thermodynamics been flawed for the past hundred years. No, it turns out. It is all a matter […] Continue reading

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