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Feeling a Bit Slow?

Look in any physics textbook and the speed of light will be listed: approximately 300,000,000 meters per second. That’s a big number, but what exactly does it mean? Well, to […] Continue reading

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Near Speed of Light Travel in the Atmosphere

When physics classes learn about relativity, typical problems involve calculating relative velocities, masses, or distances for objects moving near the speed of light, 3 * 10^8 m/s.  These objects might be objects like spaceships, travelling in outer space, but they are often more common objects like cars and trains, or even baseballs.  The two different […] Continue reading

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Once in a Blue Moon

Ok, so literally a blue moon is actually when two full moons are seen in a single calendar month, but what I am talking about today isn’t totally off topic because it is something that really is pretty rare: eclipses. As we learned recently that there are two general types of eclipses, a solar and […] Continue reading

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So about those New Year’s resolutions…

Right we are about a month into the New Year. Actually by now you have probably already given up on those New Year’s resolutions that you set with such fervor just 25 short days ago. And despite what us seniors may think—no matter how many things are left on our Vandy bucket list—the world does […] Continue reading

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Lunar Phases

While searching for a good astronomy application to blog about, I found a lot of interesting moon apps, but I think the most helpful app for this class would have to be Lunar Phase. It’s a free app available for Android that not only shows you the current phase of the moon and the moon […] Continue reading

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