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The Hubble Telescope

The Hubble Telescope has been one of the most beneficial tools for discoveries and research since the beginning of the study of astronomy. When the Hubble Telescope was launched in 1990, it was sent 353 miles above earths surface where it would orbit earth at an incredible speed. The telescope orbits earth every 97 minutes. […] Continue reading

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The European Extremely Large Telescope

Telescopes are essential for astronomy to progress, as the only information available for this science is the light that the universe provides us. Naturally, it makes sense that being able to see the light from objects as clearly as possible … Continue reading Continue reading

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Destination: Black Hole

I like black holes. I like them a lot. They are in the top ten of my bucket list of destinations if I live for a thousand years. Black holes in popular culture are notorious for being very dark objects. I will try enlighten the readers about their shady origins, and hope that people see […] Continue reading

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