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Semester in Review

Final Thoughts… I have always been interested in space and the subject of astronomy. This is mainly because I was a huge Star Wars fan when I was younger and always hoped to see a ufo flying through the sky. However, after learning more on this subject I am truly amazed by all that our universe […] Continue reading

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What excites me? Mars!!

Well, it’s been a great semester. I loved astronomy going into this class, and I love it even more going out. It definitely made me realize that planetary science is my favorite part of astronomy, and that’s why I’m pursuing the minor! However, I wanted to make this post about what excites me regarding the […] Continue reading

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The Complex Chemistry of Titan

A recent experiment by NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory simulating Titan’s atmosphere has shown that there is some exciting chemistry going on not only in it’s upper atmosphere, but in the lower atmosphere too! Before this, scientists had assumed that as you got closer to the surface, the air became “dull and inert.” However, this team […] Continue reading

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The Universe

One thing I have been struck by this semester is how full the universe is, but at the same time, how empty it is.  When we look up at the night sky, even in ideal conditions with excellent eyesight, we would see at most a few thousand stars.  That gives you some perspective when I tell […] Continue reading

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Extremophiles in the Berkeley Pit

In Butte, Montana there is a toxic waste site, the Berkeley Pit, which has been discovered to be the home of various extremophiles. Some of these have even been identified to possibly produce anti-cancer agents and anti-inflammatories. The Berkeley Pit is a lake that is filled with about forty thousand gallons of acidic, metal contaminated […] Continue reading

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Benfits of Astronomy on Earth

            Astronomical research does not just benefit the limited field of astronomy; rather it serves to improve many other fields of study. From the first missions into orbit to current research of interstellar travel, astronomy has benefited our standard of living here on Earth. Many people have heard that memory foam was invented by […] Continue reading

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The Smallest Bears in the Universe

  Water Bears These little guys are a part of a special group of organisms called extremophiles. While their name may be a bit misleading, water bears (or moss piglet) measure about 1.5mm long and can live in some of the harshest conditions. This ability to survive in places where most living things would find unbearable separates […] Continue reading

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Holes and Wrinkles

There is a lot of misconception about two of the more arcane forms of proposed space travel: Warp Drives and Worm Holes. They work on the same principles but function in wholly different ways. General Relativity explains that any mass or energy can bend space and time. Since there is energy everywhere space and time […] Continue reading

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