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The 13th Zodiac

This is a completely new stuff to me. Before this, I only knew 12 zodiacs, the result of early astronomers dividing the celestial sphere into 12 divisions and calling them 12 signs of zodiacs based on the brightest constellations in the sky at that particular time. Nowadays, people always associate zodiacs to astrology, the field of … Continue reading The 13th Zodiac Continue reading

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Hi friends, I’m Akrimi Fauzi or Kimi for short. I came all the way from Malaysia to pursue my study in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering in Vanderbilt University and now I am already in my sophomore year. Yayyyy. Ever wonder where the picture below was taken??? It was taken when I was on my way to … Continue reading Heyyyyyy Continue reading

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The Zodiacal Constellations

What are the origins of the zodiac and why are the signs different now? Continue reading

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