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The Oort Cloud

The Oort Cloud is a theorized “shell” of comets and other objects that are on the edge of our Solar System. It is much harder to observe than other objects in and around our solar system like the Kuiper Belt, so it’s existence is only theorized, but it is the best way for us to […] Continue reading

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Uranus’ Seasons

Typically when we think of seasons we think of those we experience on Earth, lasting around 3 months,  and having unique characteristics as far as temperature and weather go. Things are a bit different on Uranus, due to a huge impact that the planet experienced billions of years ago. This impact knocked the axis of […] Continue reading

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Light Can Do the Twist Too

As many of my fellow classmates may know, the Earth orbits about the Sun, while also spinning on its axis. It is less known however, that light exhibits the same behavior. Normally, measurements regarding light record things such as direction and energy, and occasionally the spin polarization. Light also has an orbital angular momentum (OAM) however,… Continue reading Light Can Do the Twist Too Continue reading

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Gravity vs. Light

The light from a distant galaxy gets warped and distorted thanks to the immense gravity of the closer reddish-orange galaxy We usually think light is pretty fast. Usain Bolt can set new records for how quickly man can run. There are motorcycles that can travel faster than our own nerve impulses. Aircraft has long since broken the sound barrier. […] Continue reading

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Lunar Phases

A picture of the moon’s cyclical lunar phases As we sit comfortably on planet Earth, instinctively believing we are the center of the universe, it is sometimes easy to forget that reality may not always be how we humans see it.  The cyclic visual wonder of the lunar phases, for instance, gives the illusion that […] Continue reading

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Death by Black Hole

Unfortunately, astronomers and physicists are pretty sure you can’t just go through a black hole and pop out the other side – you will, in fact, die. The real question is, how exactly will you die? Continue reading

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The Earth’s Gravity

  Gravity on Earth acts on all objects with the same force. No matter their mass, objects fall and accelerate at a constant rate. Due to the air resistance of different shapes, this is not always apparent. On a planet or moon lacking oxygen, the law could be simpler to demonstrate. On Earth, falling objects…Read more The Earth’s Gravity Continue reading

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2017 Solar Eclipse

Visible solar eclipses are relatively rare phenomenon to witness. They occur whenever the moon gets between the Sun and the Earth. The eclipse must occur with a new Moon to completely blot out the Sun. Because the Moon must be in the right location and phase, these eclipses don’t happen very often. There are three…Read more 2017 Solar Eclipse Continue reading

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Image of Mont Saint-Michel As we learned from Chapter 4, tides and waves are caused by the actions of gravitational force of the Moon and the Sun. Without tides, scientist won’t be able to predict the alarming predicament of global warming and the beachgoers are not able to enjoy surfing at the beach. There are […] Continue reading

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At the end of a rainbow

Ever wonder where a rainbow ends or starts? And what is at the rainbow’s end? Children might think a pot of gold awaits for them there. I might not be able to answer those questions but I can tell you about the colors of the rainbow. The reason why the have different colors.Its because, the … Continue reading At the end of a rainbow Continue reading

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