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Gravitational Waves and Extra Dimensions

The existence of dimensions beyond the three spatial and one temporal we experientially inhabit in our current model of spacetime has been a longstanding discussion touched on by various physicists and the scientific community. It has been suggested that gravity would propagate throughout these other dimensions, a thought brought about in attempts to somewhat unify … Continue reading Gravitational Waves and Extra Dimensions Continue reading

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Light – Beyond the Shadow

  Plato believed that our senses could not be trusted to reveal the truth of the Universe. He argued that the world around us was an imperfect representation of the ideal world, our perception put before us by our faculties – simply shadows cast from imperceptible forms. Cognizance of truth was achievable only by means … Continue reading Light – Beyond the Shadow Continue reading

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A Greedy, Gluttonous Galaxy

It’s no secret that the universe is growing. However, research leads us to believe that our own Milky Way Galaxy is growing as well. In fact, our galaxy exhibits cannibalistic behavior, absorbing material from the dwarf galaxies surrounding it. We know that the chemical makeup in the central bulge of our galaxy differs from the … Continue reading “A Greedy, Gluttonous Galaxy” Continue reading

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Just Because You’re Bulkier, Doesn’t Mean You Pull More

We’ve all seen and learned about the cosmos and the stars up above. We learned that the Earth revolves around the Sun because the Sun’s force on the Earth is greater than any of the other major celestial bodies near this. However, something that many people forget is that this process is facilitated by Newton’s Universal… Continue Reading → Continue reading

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NASA Cuts and Privatizing Space – Trump’s Plan

The Trump administration’s NASA budget request for 2019 was revealed today, and many of the requests come at the dismay of many prominent people in the space and astronomy field. Most of the requests call for NASA to pursue commercial partnerships. For example, the administration requests NASA stop directly funding the International Space Station (ISS) … Continue reading NASA Cuts and Privatizing Space – Trump’s Plan Continue reading

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Red, White, and Blue: The Star Life Cycle

We’ve talked a bit about black body radiation and how some stars appear more reddish or bluish, or maybe even just white. But how  and why do stars appear as more reddish or bluish, and why are some stars larger than others? What makes Red Giants and White Dwarfs special? Well, it all has to … Continue reading Red, White, and Blue: The Star Life Cycle Continue reading

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Crop Circles: A Brief History

Crop circles have long captivated the attention of conspiracists. Their theories suggest that they appear within hours and during daytime without forewarning or even observation of their creators. Modern-day conspiracists have often pointed to them as evidence of the supernatural or more recently, extraterrestrial communication. The idea is that aliens have used beams from their spaceships … Continue reading Crop Circles: A Brief History Continue reading

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European-Extremely Large Telescope

The European Southern Observatory began construction of the European-Extremely Large Telescope (E-ELT) back in 2014. This telescope is on track to be the world’s largest optical and infrared telescope by the time it is completed in 2024, thus living up to its name. The E-ELT will include a main mirror that is 128 feet in … Continue reading “European-Extremely Large Telescope” Continue reading

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