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The Northern Lights

The northern lights are one of Earth’s beautiful sights that everyone wants to see. However, little people actually know how they occur. The northern lights, which are aurora, are caused by electrified gas from the Sun getting caught by Earth’s magnetic field which leads to the North and South poles. These particles from the sun […] Continue reading

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Explore Giants

Earth may seem special to us, but it is just one of a near countless number of planets in our universe—a rather small one at that. Giant planets are those planets that dwarf Earth in size. They are gaseous bodies, meaning that they are primarily composed out of a swirling combination of gasses held togetherContinue reading “Explore Giants” Continue reading

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Life in Libra

Libra season is defined as the time when the when our sun passes through the libra constellation. This period starts on September 23 and ends on October 23. It is believed that balance is best achieved during this time as the Libra Zodiac is said to represent balance, justice, and harmony. Also, Libra is believedContinue reading “Life in Libra” Continue reading

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It might surprise you to know that the sun is over 90 million miles away from us! That’s right: something that far away is able to provide us with life-saving light and warmth. A process called nuclear fusion is responsible for the sun’s tremendous heat and brilliant shine. Though it may look different from otherContinue reading “ExploreSol” Continue reading

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