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Supermassive Blackholes and the Milky Way

In 1993, radio engineer Karl Janksy was recording 20.5 MHz radio waves when he noticed something strange. He could clearly classify majority of the waves received into either distant or nearby thunderstorms. However, there was a third type of static that he could not explain. Janksy put on his detective hat and, after many monthsContinue reading “Supermassive Blackholes and the Milky Way” Continue reading

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The Fermi Paradox

Ever since humans have first become interested in space, the inevitable question of “does life exist outside of Earth” has loomed over us. However, as technology has progressed and humanity has trekked deep into space, the question remains unanswered. This brings about a certain paradox regarding the existence of alien life. The universe is almostContinue reading “The Fermi Paradox” Continue reading

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