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I Want To Believe!

Forget Fermi’s paradox. Forget the Drake equation. Yet another hot-button topic relating to astronomy and (potential?) extraterrestrial life is- you guessed it- unidentified flying objects (UFOs for short). Do I think it’s kind of a stretch that I’m relating this to chapter 24? Absolutely! But with the (relatively) recent declassification by the Pentagon of three… Continue reading

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The Star That Vanished

From 2001-2011, astronomers studied a luminous blue variable star about 75 million light years away in the Aquarius constellation. It was a massive star, about 2.5 million times brighter than our Sun, and it was approaching the end of its life. Flash forward to 2019, and an astronomer named Andrew Allan, began a study ofContinue reading “The Star That Vanished” Continue reading

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Reflection on Astronomy 2110

The biggest thing I will take away from all that I have learned in Astronomy this year is just how small and irrelevant humans are both in comparison to the size and timeline of the universe. I had always heard that the universe was infinitely big but never thought anything of it and didn’t considerContinue reading “Reflection on Astronomy 2110” Continue reading

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Fermi Paradox

Do you believe in aliens? With over 4,000 planets outside of our solar system and likely many many more, it seems almost crazy not to. Using the Drake Equation, astronomers estimate the probability of alien life outside of our solar system. Depending on the scientist’s opinions and research, this number can vary greatly but oftenContinue reading “Fermi Paradox” Continue reading

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What Life on Titan Would Look Like

Titan is a world that fits many criteria for a world that could host life. Because it has temperatures at about -290 degrees celsius on the surface, life would most likely be extremophile microbes below the methane surface. But an organism living entirely off of methane did not seem likely to me originally, until IContinue reading “What Life on Titan Would Look Like” Continue reading

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For my last blog post I have decided to blog about something close to home. The Theia impact is also called the Big Splash, and is a hypothesis as to how we got our moon. The theory is that a mars-sized planetesimal impacted our proto-earth in its early life. This massive impact essentially shredded TheiaContinue reading “Theia” Continue reading

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Culmination Post

Milky Way Galaxy over Chile In the culminating post for this class, I just wanted to write about how my understanding of astronomy has changed. I have obviously gained a greater appreciation for our Solar System as a whole, and learning a little about the magnitudes and sizes of objects in space puts some thingsContinue reading “Culmination Post” Continue reading

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