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Where are they?

The likelihood of life outside of our planet is a heavily debated topic.  Overall, it seems reasonable to assume that with all of the unexplored universe around us, and the conditions required to sustain life that are not all that hard to find, there should be plenty examples of life elsewhere.  Despite this, and the overwhelming beliefContinue reading “Where are they?” Continue reading

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Blog 8: My Newly Formed Perspective

It’s weird to think about how this will be the final assignment for our astronomy class. Throughout the semester, my understanding of the vast universe we exist in has deepened, further changing my perspective of our world and humanity’s role within it. In this class, we studied the basic processes of the universe, from itsContinue reading “Blog 8: My Newly Formed Perspective” Continue reading

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Here’s a way to detect exoplanets you may have not heard of before! Microlensing is a technique that looks at how light is bent in the gravitational field surrounding a planetary system passing its star. The refraction creates “distorted, multiple, and/or brightened images.” All of these images are combined into one image. This image’s brightnessContinue reading “Microlensing” Continue reading

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The Fermi Paradox

The Fermi Paradox is a baffling observation about the galaxy and extraterrestrial life. The paradox asks, given all of the plausible explanations and arguments for the abundance of life in the universe, why haven’t we encountered signs of such life yet? With a self-replicating automatons and “modest amount of rocket power and an immodest desireContinue reading “The Fermi Paradox” Continue reading

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