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Testing my Blog Page

Welcome to Indie Darkness of The Cosmos! An astronomy blog.

Above is the first of the liminal space photography posts that I made on Instagram. I felt it pertained since on this blog we will be delving into the ultimate liminal space.

Inspir… Continue reading

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Hello ASTR 2110 class! My name is Kathryn, and I’m a senior majoring in Biomedical Engineering. I wasn’t quite able to fit an Astronomy minor into my schedule, but I’ve always loved learning about space (fun fact: I wrote my college admission essay about the Fermi Paradox), so I’ve tried to pick up astronomy courses […] Continue reading

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Blog 0

The image above are two characters called Lulu and Lolo. They are tiny twin bears. Lulu and Lolo resonate with me to a great extent because I am also a twin that is relatively short in height. I have a strong passion for dancing, and am involved in two dance teams on campus. There is […] Continue reading

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Hello, and welcome to my blog! In the subsequent posts, I will document selected portions of my ever-continuing astronomy journey. But first, I’ll share a little about myself. I love learning about astronomy, especially about the historical and mythological significance of the cosmos and specific astronomical objects, events, etc. I also love to travel, especially […] Continue reading

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