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Pondering Scale

The Video “Powers of 10” impacted me so profoundly as I viewed it for the first time that I took a minute after watching to consider how insignificant we technically are in this universe. Earth may be the setting for every idea, individual or event that we know of, but there are infinite bounds of […] Continue reading

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The Upcoming Total Solar Eclipse

One year, two months, and eighteen days: this is the time from the writing of this blog until a total solar eclipse will occur in North America. I’ll save you from doing the math, the date of this solar eclipse is April 8, 2024. The sky along the path of totality will become dark for […] Continue reading

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Blog #1 – Observing the moon

As a part of one of the courses I took last semester, we observed the phenomenon of the phases of the moon. We were instructed to record what the moon looked like for one month, noting which area of the moon was illuminated at what time. When the data collection process was completed and we […] Continue reading

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