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Blog 3: composition of the Solar System

The Solar System is an extraordinary marvel of the universe, a collection of celestial objects that has captured the curiosity of scientists, and the imagination of people for generations. The composition of these objects holds vital clues to understanding the origins of the Solar System and the processes that have shaped it over billions of […] Continue reading

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nuclear fusion

Have you ever wondered why the sun shines? It’s a question that has inspired centuries of astronomers to come up with a wide variety of explanations. It was once thought that the sun shone because of chemical combustion, but we now know that there is nowhere near enough oxygen for that process to have sustained […] Continue reading

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climate change

It’s no secret that our planet is in the midst of a global climate crisis– rising sea levels, compounding greenhouse gas emissions, and depleting natural resources have left our environment at a very real risk of collapse, endangering all living creatures on our planet. When studying astronomy, it becomes easy to lose focus on the […] Continue reading

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James Webb Space Telescope Discovers “Impossible” Galaxies

I’m sure many of you are familiar with the James Webb Space Telescope: the successor to the Hubble Telescope and most powerful space telescope built to date. It was launched into space a little more than one year ago with the goal of observing the first galaxies and investigating our cosmic origin. In this short […] Continue reading

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