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White Holes

A white hole is a hypothetical region space time which cannot be entered from the outside.” The idea of a white hole is essentially that is the opposite of a black hole. A “worm hole” is the connection from black hole that consumes all matter around it, and send its through a warp in space […] Continue reading

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Pluto’s moons

There has been much debate on the status of Pluto’s classification. It is now believed to be a “dwarf planet”. One reason that people are challenging this is because of its existence of moons and a moon system. This picture from NASA shows the layout of Pluto and its surrounding bodies .  Source There are […] Continue reading

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Controversy over global warming

Global warming has been a hot environmental topic for the past many years. It seems like scientists cannot stress enough the gravity of the situation that we have put out environment in. It has been generally accepted that it is due to the acceleration of the greenhouse ,by humans, that has created global warming to […] Continue reading

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The way of the future

Nuclear Fusion has always been the process known to heat the sun and produce the light that we so desperately depend on. Only until recently, has the possibility of being able to harness the incredible power of nuclear fusion becoming a possibility. The ultimate goal behind this groundbreaking research is to be able to create […] Continue reading

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Solar Flares cause magnetic storm on Earth

On February 16th 2014, solar flares from the sun are believed to have been strong enough to cause magnetic storms on out planet, Earth. This was due to the size of the solar flares, the flares were so long that they actually reached the Earths magnetic field around it. Namig Jalilov told APA that the […] Continue reading

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Making waves

For many years, the understanding is that the shift in tectonic plates, creating an earthquake, was the first step to the earthquake, tidal wave, volcano pattern. As seen in this video: tidal waves. However, recent studies from Science Magazine, suggest that the tidal waves themselves may be more of the cause than they are the effects. […] Continue reading

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My favorite place in the world

Arledge Ranch

This is a picture from a duck blind on my ranch, located in Cross Cut, Texas. It is fair to say that there is no place in the world that I would rather be than my ranch. Continue reading

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